Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Sorry to bore you but...

Executive (Mal)Function

Oh dear me. 

This is one of those posts where I start writing not really knowing where I want to go. What did I do today? Well, I walked the dogs with J first thing, then I looked for my keys for over an hour, trying (successfully) not to get angry with myself. I found them in the box containing my toiletries. J's bought me a locator thing so I can trace them WHEN it next happens. I know we all do it now and again but it happens with increasing regularity. It seems there are fewer compartments in my brain with which to multi-task. 

So after I did that I watched the latest Louis Theroux episode about hard right trolls in America, and then some of his other stuff, like the ones about Westboro Baptist Church. I am rather fascinated about cults and the psychology of how they recruit and keep their members.

Alt-right internet nasty person

I'm watching TV as it's safe. Safer than doing anything right now as I don't trust myself. 

As regards my view on Mr Theroux's latest programme, it's amazing how thin skinned and pathetic the subject matter are when confronted face-to-face. And none of them can produce facts to back up their assertions. Their whole shtick ranges from demagoguery to vile and pathetic threats and rants. They are a sad bunch of bitter people who would benefit from therapy. 

What a shame the internet enables their connection with other similar people.

Google Indexed me!!

I am now not only online but I can be searched on Google. These are 2 seperate things. If like me you are starting a blog, you fill out the form with your details, write your post, and you can send a link to people who can also see your blog on the internet. Brilliant.

However, being on the internet doesn't mean Google's search engine looks for you. It doesn't register your existence so it can't find you. Only by 'indexing' you - something you can speed up by requesting it - can you be searched for.

This was news to me.

Luckily a person I live with who can't be named for legal reasons, set this up for me as despite me complaining about them in previous posts, they are essentially a very nice person with a great brain. 

Thank you anonymous person.

Writers' Block

I've been writing a new part of my long-term Dungeons and Dragons adventure (known as a 'campaign') linking disparate modules (single adventures ) and trying to get a hook or hooks to stick them all together. I've got the overarching narrative for the next few sessions and it's all coming together in my mind. With every day the vision becomes clearer and clearer.

However, writing it is easier said than done. I look at my notes and just can't start to write it. I don't know why.

I'm also dribbling out of the side of right side of my mouth a bit more - a higher yield of saliva. 'Gusting!

It may be because I only slept about 6 hours last night. It may not be. I am tired though.

I notice these incremental changes and it’s a bit depressing to be honest. How could it not be?

Enough already.

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