Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Dementia Boiling over

 I'll fight you for a beer

Having FTD BV/SV isn't great. Well, it's shit actually. I get by. I'm keeping busy and active and that's pretty good for me. 

I did a load of gardening last week, filled the skip, ordered things for the house. God - I'd let everything slip for months and months and now there's mountain to climb, but I'm breaking it down into doable chunks. It's good for me to keep active - have lists of achievable tasks for each day and it's good for my mental well-being.

But however much I do, I still have dementia. And it comes to the surface when you are least expecting it.

On Saturday I was at a friend's house. It was a birthday party. We were all sat outside with the blistering heat and the 11 year old daughter of our host was fetching us drinks the whole time.

A new couple joined us, sat at the other end of the table. He had one of those voices that just carried above all others. A sort of unfortunate nasal South eastern accent. He and a woman were talking politics. 

He said a couple of things that jarred with me. "Margaret Thatcher. She had a job to do." It was all sounding rather Daily Mail to me. I had to leave the table.

After a relatively short time everyone apart from him and the woman were indoors. Later, after even more beer in the heat, he was talking to J. She flailed her arms around, gesticulating. 

I couldn't hear what was being said, but neither could I help it anymore. I stormed up to him to berate him of his Daily Mail bollocks and the fact everyone came indoors leaving him outside as that's all they could hear was his voice talking shite.

I was quickly ushered away by everyone.

I'm afraid this is probably the future. I'll expect to be hit a few times in the short and long term. And at the age of 53 never having had a fight in my life, it's probably not the best tactic.

But at the time I was unrepentant and angry at this guy's views.

And another thing...

I woke up sweating with alcohol in the early hours and made my way down to the hammock beside the pool (!) and expected J and everyone else to be furious with me. 

When J found me she was really sweet. I wasn't expecting that reaction. Oddly no one seemed to mind. Maybe I'd said what they were thinking. Or maybe the waters had been calmed with everyone being told I had this weird dementia.

I was too embarrassed to ask. It was S's (our host's) belated birthday party and I'd presumably upset the evening, or had I provided the entertainment? 

We had breakfast and drove home.

We have another 'do' in the near future where I know there are 2 people who drive me nuts with their pro-Putin right wing views. I think avoidance of them and alcohol will be the order of the day.

Improvisational Skills

I DM'd some downtime for the players in last night's session with my Monday crew. You may know we have a WhatsApp group called D&G which was set up before I joined. I asked after a month or 2: 

- Why is the group called D&G?
- Dungeons and Dragons!
- No that's 'D&D' not 'D&G'.
- Oh.

They're all dyslexic, see. No one had noticed.

Anyway, the players finished one part of the adventure. It's kind of done in chapters - modules in old 1st Edition - which they have to complete, and then they have downtime - like a rest back in the town where they live, with minor events thrown in for good measure. 

They had rescued a dwarf called Morley from a hermitage on an island that was under attack from some aquatic zombies. They later revealed to the dwarf that there was a price on his head. Morley, suddenly terrified, pleaded with them and told them he'd been set up.

From here on in I basically improvised a story with counter claims and subterfuge with a powerful local merchant who is very popular with the townsfolk, despite being an utter crook. None of this will play to any single group's  benefit. Any outcome will be a Pyrrhic victory at best. 

Just like real life really.

The session went really well and served to enrich the environment with role-play and (almost) zero combat. 

I really enjoyed doing it and it gave me a lot of confidence and contentment with my neurological faculties, in stark contrast to Saturday night's frolics.



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