Monday, August 29, 2022


Nothing to say

I feel I have less to say these days. And that's not like me at all.

I read the newspapers and walk the dogs and play my games, do my chores. I just don't seem to generate the same yield of rants and opinions that I did even a year and a half ago.

This must be part and parcel of the general decline in my brain activity. 

I've had the intention of reading lots of Dungeons and Dragons books and have achieved very little - a chapter a day at best. Disappointing.

I still have my lists. My reminders on my calendar that pop up to put me back on the tracks.

God it's easy to ignore those. 

In fact I laugh in the face of digital pop-up reminders! 

I chat over the news with J, but less so I think these days. It may be that with the 5th rate venal scum we have running the country that it's just too depressing to talk about any more.

D&G Decline?

We keep on cancelling the Monday evening sessions. Sometimes people just don't respond on the WhatsApp messages if they're able to attend or not. It may just be my perception of things but I feel there's a decline in the energy - the positivity - that used to drive the games.

It may be the particular adventure we're doing is less interesting, my DMing (Dungeon Mastering) or just that people are tired after work, the campaign has just atrophied, or something else. 

Maybe it's just my perception.

Perceptions are everything though. 

I get concerned as I drift off into the Astral plane of dementia, that the silvery cords that bind me to you, the world and everyone and everything are disintegrating atom by atom, molecule by molecule.

They are here...
(This is a big D&D reference from the Astral Projection spell!)

Already I feel more distant than I did when I started this blog 9 months ago. 

Increasingly separated from everything until there is nothing.

Oh well, look on the bright side.


Finally Retiring

I've sold my van, which is being picked up next week, and 2 of my masonry chums are coming to buy my old tools, though I am  keeping my hand tools for futile purposes.

2 other friends have asked me to carve a green man for each of them. I'm happy to do this. Whether I get round to doing it is another thing, but as usual I INTEND to do it. It's a great get-out clause I learned from an old (non-masonry) boss years ago. We INTEND to be there. We INTEND to win. I INTEND to knock smack on the head, etc etc..

I'm not really on smack by the way.

Finally I'm doing something meaningful and getting shit done.

A new world beckons. I shall visit my friends, sort out the house, sell things on Ebay, run myriad games groups.

Well, I intend to of course...

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