Wednesday, January 26, 2022


People with dementia are tedious. 

I know because I can be very tedious. And to prove it I wrote all this myself.

I was irritating before I even got dementia, so I must be bloody awful now. 

I'm also incredibly intolerant. Always was, always will be, and increasingly so with FTD.

I don't know how Roberta, Nikki, Claire and all those in Rare Dementia Support manage it. They're so patient. Angels, the lot of them. I couldn't do their job at all.

I'd be like Mark Baum from The Big Short where he arrives late for his therapy meeting, barges in talking over someone who's disclosing something really personal and rants about his job, then can't see why people are upset.

(I don't think I'm actually like this but it's something to aim for.)

When we do the monthly chats sometimes my brain is going at a thousand miles an hour and we all have to wait patiently as each person relates what they've been up to. And it's usually something quite mundane - few of us work anymore - so there's not a great deal to say. I'm one of the youngsters (which is a way) and listening to the old folk and even some of the younger ones is sometimes difficult. It's dependent of course on the individual's level and type of dementia.

For example Mrs Brady always tells us about what they're doing to the pavements and the biscuit aisle at Tescos is in a terrible state since they got that new manager. Someone else has trouble speaking so that's difficult for everyone; them especially. Another person doesn't stop speaking, and someone else always mentions a famous person they speak to regularly who I hate and we all have to suck it up.

Welcome to Dementia support groups. We're all completely different yet bound by an umbrella term. Should be a sitcom. Ricky Gervase would do it justice, as long as he's not in it.

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