Friday, January 7, 2022


 I'm being interviewed on UK Health Radio, and people have already suggested I turn this blog (which so far is at a fledgling state!) into a book. I'm not sure even after a year there'd be enough material. I feel compelled to write now on a more frequent basis. 

However, perhaps like any creative output (I'm thinking of Frank Zappa's awful albums in the 1980s) I should concentrate on the quality rather than the quantity. 

So I write a blog that becomes popular and it in turn gets turned into book which sells well. Even then there's no money in publishing these days. But...

Can you imagine being recognised wherever you go, being famous? I really can't think of anything worse.

When I worked at the BBC I accompanied a TV presenter known for his flamboyance walking down a street in Fulham (I think). People called out at him from vans and across the road. He was completely non-plussed by it all. I would have wanted the ground to swallow me up.

Those people calling out to the celeb were not being kind. 

I used to really want to be famous when I was young. I wanted it because I assumed it would all be on a level of adoration; the search for unconditional positive regard. I guess that's just to assuage a lack of confidence.

I would never be able to cope with the meanness. The online hatred - the trolling, the faceless mob who judge and call out transgressors.

Look at the casualty rate on Love Island, just for wanting to be famous. 

So maybe a book is not a good idea!

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