Monday, January 31, 2022


 Just listened to where I was interviewed by the very nice Pete Hill for UK Health Radio. I must stop saying "kind of". Maybe I just did it on the show as I was nervous. Do I say it a lot? I hope I don't. It's very annoying.

I hit a low Friday/Saturday. I'm currently finding typing very difficult too - lots of wrong keys being hit. 

The low was preceded by being very active on Thursday.  I was busy all day and achieved quite a lot. It turned out to be too much mental exertion.

So Friday Ben and Becks came down to visit us from Cardiff. They arrived just before 10 after a very long drive (don't worry - I won't go into details) and we had a nice time. My speech was rather jittery and I found making fluent sentences quite difficult.

I can't actually remember much else about the day. Making new memories is proving to be quite elusive these days.

Saturday I was completely whacked out. Again, I can't really remember much. We all sat down and had a full English breakfast which Ben and I cooked. I made a joke saying that Ben was my minion in the whole operation. Silence. Whoops. Recognising my poor attempt at humour I apologised.

I did quite a bit of shopping. I guess I did okay. By the evening Gabriel had joined us and we all went to a wonderful Indian restaurant 

I found all the chattering and noise quite difficult but I got used to it. Jacqui had suggested I bring my noise-cancelling headphones along which I did, but didn't use. I couldn't really join in very well. I looked the other way, not to be difficult but it's what you end up doing; looking the other way and not really thinking of very much. 

"It'll all be over soon." Almost words of comfort you tell yourself when you're not really able to join in. 

I also tell myself that when someone's talking to me and it's really boring. My attention span was always short for things I'm not very interested in (which is most things) but now it's a gnat's pube in length.

The food was sensational, and with a couple of beers to the good and lovely company I was now able to join in. I was very concerned that evolution should have allowed the soft-shell crab, which was one of the starters. I didn't want to eat it as I felt nature had been unfair in perpetuating such a thing.

Jacqui was really attentive and caring for my well-being - I was good - and I wanted her to enjoy the evening as she had all her babies around the table (plus me of course). Am I a baby now? Oh god...

Sunday we (Me, Jono, Adrian, Jon Higgins and Calum) played Traveller. It was great with Adrian GMing. Great fun. He has a savant-like ability to manage a game. Whilst I like to visually imagine the players in the setting, Adrian says he can't do that but can see the plot of the whole  scenario in some way. Bear in mind that with the players' actions being non-linear all of this can change in an instant. He's able to adapt with anything that's thrown into the mix and there is no drop off in pace or pauses. It's quite an ability. 

So that was great fun. And my belly got even bigger with the wonderful beer Rick sells at The Willoughby.

I got back and Ben and Becks had gone back to Cardiff. Gabriel, R and J were in the front room watching the nincompoops on The Apprentice. I joined in.

DMing tonight so I'm going to prep now. I've done the hard work so it's more of a refresher before we start. 

Wish me luck x

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