Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Complete and utter garbage

I just cannot get going. My brain is a foggy soup. Like someone put a blender in my head.

Really tired on Monday. J says it's all the activity last week - friends staying over, socialising, gaming, drinking. I must admit that I was really on good form last week. This week I'm paying the price for that though.

Yesterday (that is the Monday) I was pretty crap. I accomplished a supermarket shop, not just for myself but for my friend Larry who lives in Surbiton and is isolating with Covid. That made me feel a little better.

Other than that I'm going round with random things playing in my head - Bonzo Dog Do-Dah Band for one, the memory of which is better than the actual reality of listening to them. This is their best work however and still worth a listen. 

Talking of Vivian Stanshall, all my heroes are mavericks. People who did what they wanted and went out on a limb to do so and refused compromise. The antithesis of me. 

My typing is crap today. It's coming out in Polish. It's always the case when I'm in a trough period. I'm just going around making stupid jokes up, with random comedy skits like video clips playing in my head. I wish I could be of more use to Jacqui but instead I'm imagining Blakey from On the Buses, where he takes loads of angel dust and says "I'm gonna fuck you up Butler!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

I'm also watching tons of stuff on Youtube which is my new job. (Doesn't pay very much.) Yesterday was Televangelists. Zappa used to call them 'Video Religion Preachers'. They were huge in the 80s and I thought most of them had died out, but there's a significant bunch siphoning money from the poorest people in the bible-belt. Scum like Kenneth Copeland and Peter Popoff.

Then it makes me angry. 

So today was Dr Michael J Burry, Steve Eisman and Michael Lewis. The latter wrote The Big Short which was made into the movie about the banking crisis in 2008. I didn't pretend to understand it all but it was fascinating listening to what they had to say

There is now a fucker outside with a petrol-driven leaf blower -"wahh-wahhh-wahhh-wahhh". You do not need to use a leaf blower on a concrete drive - just use a fucking broom like anyone else!!!

Where was I? I did some D&D last night. It was the D&G lot (dyslexic gamers). Only 3 of us but good fun. I was quite glad it was a short session as I've had trouble knuckling down to prepare due to the following:

  1. I got distracted with YouTube
  2. I got distracted with YouTube
  3. I can't remember
  4. Something about YouTube
  5. I just can't start anything
  6. I started, but I'm now on YouTube again
  7. I've now read the stuff which took forever because someone keeps putting YouTube back on, but I can't remember any of it
Do you see what I'm up against here?

Maybe I've got a devil in me and I need to see Kenneth Copeland and for a nominal fee towards another private jet I can be exorcised? It's a thought though, innit?

J says I need to explain more about my trouble with sequencing and planning. Stop ranting about stupid stuff. (The latter is my speciality, you may have noticed.) 

I shall have to think about this and write it another day. I'm just not in the self-analytical space right now (management-speak).

(...and stop putting the witty bit in brackets all the time...titter.)


  1. Reader be aware that I did not tell him to stop ranting. I just said it would be interesting to try and explain how it feels when he can't focus or get going. 😉